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Viola Doyle, Blogger, Australia

Viola Doyle

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Personal Bio

Viola Marie Doyle is a Sydney based writer, cake decorator, food enthusiast and frequent jet setter. Currently the Editor of The Journal Magazine Australia, Viola relishes the opportunity to explore the little curiosities that she defines as the sweet life.

With a background in Visual Arts and English Education, Viola has finally found her groove with a healthy balance of writing, visual styling and producing fine wedding cakes for Sydney’s soon to wed. Having been mentored by the talented team at Faye Cahill Cake design, Viola has travelled to USA to teach the Australian cake decorating method at Baking Arts in one of her favourite cities in the world, San Francisco. 

A firm believer that travelling is not something that one can simply ‘get out’ of their system, Viola credits her accomplishments to hours of research, planning and her insatiable desire to travel – for Viola, staying stagnant is never an option. When Viola is away from her laptop, smart phone and finally puts down the rolling pin, you might find her cuddling puppies, ducks, kittens and all creatures cute and wonderful.