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Suzanne Robinson, Blogger, Australia

Suzanne Robinson

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Mummy to Twins

Mummy to twins is a blog, about twins, children, life, news stories, parenting articles, and the wonderful stories that happen as a mother.

Arts & Craft, Lifestyle, Parenting


A bit about me: My name is Suzanne; I am based in Katoomba, NSW, Australia. I am an ex career girl (well still a career girl, but not in the office and getting paid), I have worked for the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), News Ltd.’s, as a producer and lots more. I have experience in film/video, multimedia and photography.

While working at the ABC I became pregnant with the girls, I had the choice to come back to work after I had the girls, however due to no family to help, the distance I live from work, and the cost of childcare, it was not an option for me at this time. So now I am a stay at home mummy to my lovely twins.

I started Mummy to Twins blog as a project for me to work on and a way to document what is happening with me and the twins. As a producer of websites I love being in charge of my own site and building it to be bigger and better.

The blog and our other social sites is my way of building a community about twins, children, life and the wonderful stories that happen as a mother.

I am also a contributor to the wonderful website Mums Lounge – the lifestyle website for mums.

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