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Souri Sengdara, Blogger, Australia

Souri Sengdara

Blogger & Photographer
Melbourne, Australia
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Fabulous Femme

Melbourne Blogger and Photographer ... Life is short. Be fabulous everyday.

Photography, Fashion, Lifestyle



I usually shoot weddings and creative portraits in Melbourne and around the world for a photography business. So why not post some of these wonderful pictures on my personal blog … all of the pictures you find on this website are photographed by us.

Fabulous Fashion

Fabulous-Femme is not your typical Melbourne Fashion Blog. Fashion, to me, is not about keeping up with the current trends. It’s all about how I feel in what I’m wearing. Quality and design are very important factors when I choose my purchases. The fabric and cut has to feel and fit right. Then, it has to make me feel pretty when wearing it. Some of my favourite designers are right here in Australia. My wardrobe does consist of pieces from all over the world. We’ll be showcasing my wardrobe in our styled shoots.

It’s too easy to just dress for comfort when you have kids in tow. Making the effort to dress up for simple events, such as going out for coffee, can be a real mood-lifter. It’s actually quite simple to throw on a dress, a pair of ballet flats and some makeup. Do yourself a favour and keep the trackies for around the home!

One of my hobbies is rummaging through op shops (thrift shops, Salvo’s, second hand stores). I also love a good sale and shopping on Ebay. I’m going to show you that looking good does not cost an arm and a leg! Fabulous Femme will also be attending some race meetings in Victoria and sharing the wonderful fashion with you here.

Health, Fitness & Beauty

I’ll also be giving some tips on health and fitness. I was a personal trainer for ten years and am now a practising Myotherapist (muscle therapist). There is so much to share about your body! I’ll also bring you some make-up and hair tips. I’m no expert, but it doesn’t take much effort to look great. Please drop me an email or a comment if there is anything more you’d be interested in hearing about.

Food and drink and events all around Melbourne

Oh, there will be fabulous recipes here too! Feeling fabulous is not about going on a diet, it’s about enjoying all foods in moderation. Got one to share with us? Visiting new restaurants, coffee shops and bars. I will feature some unknown and well known Melbourne venues. I also love to travel within and outside of Australia - expect to learn about some interesting places all around the world (Vietnam)

What fabulous femme is all about

I have wanted to blog for a while but had no idea what to write about. I still don’t have much of an idea but I’m just going to do it and see where it leads. My aim here is to put a smile on your face. I want inspire you to reach for your goals and dreams. I want to teach you that it doesn’t take a lot of effort or money to feel great, you just need to want it!I’m most excited about going out there and meeting some fantastic women who might just have something interesting to share with you. All of my blog posts are my personal opinion – I sometimes feature products, events and venues … but always with my own pictures.

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