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Love Life and Hiccups

Sometimes you've just got to heart the hiccups.

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I am the Australian ambassador for online shopping and Absolut Vodka. No, not really, but a girl's got to have dreams. My blog is the place I share my fabulously flawed attempts at being a perfect mum and celebrate the often hilarious hiccups in my life.

I created this blog because I was up late one night drinking vodka and playing on the computer. I had this insane urge to capture some of the crazy things that seem to happen to us on a regular basis. We like to call this crazy stuff 'The Hiccups'.  And the truth is I Heart those Hiccups, as they add the colour to our canvas.

So anyway before I knew it, I had logged on to Blogger, created an account, and holy moly - here we are today. I blog about everything and anything really - whatever tickles my fancy. One day I could be blogging about my kids and their crazy antics - the next day it could be a room makeover in my house. 'Whatever goes'  is our motto around here.

Why did I decide to share my life with the world? Well as far as I am concerned life is too short to be Anonymous. Who knows how long we get to hang around, so I may as well make as much noise as I can whilst I am here.

Whilst at times I bitch and moan with the best of them, I really do actually love my life, including all the hiccups. I feel incredibly lucky to have such a beautiful if somewhat crazy family, who love me for being me and embrace my moments of madness.

So that is me in all my dysfunctional glory.

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