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Sara-May Monaghan, Principal Director - Utopia Media, Australia

Sara-May Monaghan

Principal Director - Utopia Media
Blue Mountains
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Personal Bio

I’m Sara-May and I am the driving force behind Makeup Utopia. From the very first time I was asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” my response remained the same – a Makeup Artist.

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to say that I achieved that goal, becoming a well-known and highly sought after Makeup Artist for weddings in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Western Sydney.

As a Makeup Artist, I constantly found myself being asked for product recommendations, and advice on makeup application. Through my desire to share my knowledge, my first blog, a general beauty blog called Makeup by Sara-May was born.

On the first of January 2012, I launched Makeup Utopia, the perfect online destination for lovers of makeup. Makeup Utopia took a new stand in the Australian Beauty Blogging space, focussing exclusively on makeup and colour cosmetics – you won’t see reviews of hair products, skincare or other “general’ beauty topics here on Makeup Utopia – after all, I’m a Makeup Artist, so I talk about what I know!

I’m very proud to say that I have been blogging in the beauty space for over 3 years. I’ve had some amazing experiences and met some of my Makeup Artist idols, all thanks to Makeup Utopia. Here’s to many more years ahead!


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