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Nina Mills, Blogger, Australia

Nina Mills

Nutritionist & Blogger
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Whats for Eats

There is a method to this food madness...

Food, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle


My name is Nina and I am a qualified Nutritionist here to explain the mysteries of food and all of the madness that surrounds it.

It is foolish to think that we all eat well all of the time. I know I certainly don’t. I love food, I love eating and I spend time thinking about food. I am not the type of person who gets to 2:30pm and then announces to no-one in particular “Oh look at the time! I totally forgot about lunch”. I (mostly!) enjoy cooking food and I love the social aspect of food.

I also like the science behind food and how our bodies use food to nurture us, to grow and repair and keep us in good functioning order. And while I am not a fan of politics, I am also fascinated with how political food is and how many mixed messages we receive on a daily basis about food.

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