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Michaela C, Blogger, Australia

Michaela C

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Five Frogs on a Blog

A collection of craptacular conversations with my brain. Determined to cause laughter-induced incontinence and random nasal coffee explosions. Fighting mental health issues by embracing my crazy since 2021.

Personal, Wine & Drinks


Want deeply philosphical, mature and intelligent analysis of current events? Prefer political and social commentary that is considered, sensible and erudite?


Five Frogs on a Blog is about making you snort coffee out your nose and testing your pelvic floor muscles (yours too, ladies).

This blog will make you feel good (mainly about the fact that you're not The Frog) as she shares the inanity and insanity of daily life, with a smattering* of swears and lots of wine.

Do you want to find out:

  • how to accidentally wax your nether-regions in public?
  • how easy it is to get stuck in a tree when trying to rehome a possum?
  • why there are no man-eating starfish?
  • how to prevent your GPS from trying to commit suicide?

Yes? Really? What the hell is WRONG with you people?

Oh, and in that case, this is definitely the blog for you.

* Smattering = truck-load

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