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Maria Vlezko, Blogger, Australia

Maria Vlezko

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Personal Bio

Currently residing in Sydney, I was born and raised in Europe. I founded CrashingRed in January 2011 to document my personal style, DIY projects and beauty experiments. Who knew back then that the blog would grow so fast. It quickly became my day time job and also brought opportunities that I could only dream about.

For example, I was guest blogging for for HP Australia at MBFF Sydney, official blogger for Premier Fashion Trade Show, won L'avion Australia Styling Competition in 2012 and was featured in Harper's Bazaar AustraliaMarie Claire and others (full list here). In June 2012 I also founded Australian Fashion Bloggers Union (AFBU), the first official network for invited fashion bloggers.

Significantly, I'm now a new mum to one gorgeous baby girl. Motherhood brings so much joy but it is quite a life changing experience, I won't deny that. So far I have been juggling fine between family, work, blog and fashion endeavors! At least, I'd like to think so and you, dear reader, can decide for yourself whether I tick all the boxes.

I believe that fashion is more than just labels and trends - it’s about real people, joy and experimentation, and that style and chic don't come with a big price tag - but with creativity, individuality and clean lines. Do you share the same opinion?

If so, come with me on a journey through time and space!



Qualifications, Accreditations and Memberships

Founded Australian Fashion Bloggers Union