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Lori Dwyer, Blogger, Australia

Lori Dwyer

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Personal Bio

Lori Dwyer always thought she was common-or-garden variety normal. She’s sure that, for a while there, she was. Her life has been good fun. She studied to be a social worker, and that didn’t work out; so she ran away to be a clown, and that did work out. At twenty five years old (just the perfect age! Right…?) she met the love of her life.

His name was Tony, and in the space of five years they graduated with honors, having bought a house, moved in to it, became engaged, got hitched and had two gorgeous kids in very quick succession. Her blog Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum, began in The Purple House, in the time of the Purple Before, when God was in his heaven and all was right with the world.

On the sixth of January, 2011 everything changed… and nothing has quite been right since. Her best mate, her husband, suffered a sudden and violent psychosis that resulted in him taking his own life, in her Purple backyard, whilst she and her youngest child watched on.

Don’t worry… she never really knows what to say after that, either. I guess if you want to know more, the RRSAHM Mental Health page is the best place to start.