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Lilit Spargo, Editor, Australia

Lilit Spargo

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Personal Bio

Hi, I'm Lilit. Born in Armenia, living in Sydney since I was a child, I like living life in the glam lane.

I don't believe you need to spend big to look good, and some of my favourite items come from chain stores. You'll never catch me in a track suit, and yes I even took my GHD with me while trekking in South America. I believe that great accessories can dress up any outfit and a bold lip is enough to brighten a dull day

I have recently become a mother to a gorgeous baby boy. Sleepless nights, vomit in the hair, and wait what's that smell? All that disappears when I see my little boy giving me a great big smile. Yes, being a mummy is as good as everyone tells you it is even though it means I can't wear bright lipsticks anymore

If you'd like to know more about me and my blog, do drop me a line at