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Leigh Van Der Horst, Blogger, Australia

Leigh Van Der Horst

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
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Leigh V Loves

Leigh Van Der Horst, author of 'Without My Mum' writes from her heart and strongly believes that what you put out there in life, you get back. Leigh lives by the motto that life is for living and never to be taken advantage of. It’s all about awareness, attitude and gratitude. 'Leigh V Loves' has been created to celebrate living a happy life. Happiness is so many different things to so many people, but it’s at the core of what we all strive for. It can be found in the simplest moments. From the warm comfort of sunshine, to the company you keep, and the dreams you dare to dream. Welcome to Leigh V Loves. A place to learn all about the wonderful magic Leigh adores on this grand adventure called life.

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