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Kristine Ofstad, Blogger, Australia

Kristine Ofstad

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The Gluten Free Lifesaver

To some it's a choice, others don't have that luxury. No matter your reasons, going gluten free can be tough. Thank Heavens is a toolbox, a network, an ally, a bible, a friend, a source of entertainment and a lifesaver. Created and managed by a coeliac who's been there, done that and knows what you're going through, Thank Heavens delivers a cheerful outlook, yummy recipes, honest reviews and never a crumb of compromise when it comes to gluten!

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Well they say to make lemonade when you get lemons. I got coeliac disease, and Thank Heavens is my lemonade stand where every hour's happy hour!

A large and rapidly increasing number of people need or choose to live a gluten free lifestyle, and there is a great shortage of information and resources. In addition to diagnosed coeliac disease there are gluten sensitivities, allergies, or even those who have no diagnosis but whose bodies just do not accept gluten. We are millions strong, reaching out for anything that will give us back our "normality". 
Coeliac disease comes delivered to your door much like an Ikea flat-pack, except there's no tools, no manual and no handyman to show you the works. Your life is all bits and pieces, all screws loose and lots of little packets to be opened. It's just you, and an empty room waiting for a new piece of furniture.
Thank Heavens is my gift to everyone who's been in that situation. My aim is to create a unique resource across the world of Gluten Free, jam packed with everything you might want and need to get you moving along. Information, reviews, resources, recipes, research, the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, a bit of fun, and more than anything; someone you can relate to. 
Naturally I can't give you a manual, but I can be your handyman because I have learnt where most of the screws go. I want to show you that you can go ahead and build your flat-pack. - I'll be right beside you handing you the tools and serving you lemonade!
-Kristine (On a mission to make this world more Gluten-Freendly!)

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