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Kat Caravella, Blogger, Australia

Kat Caravella

Freelance Writer & Blogger
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Mamma's Vida

A Mamma's Life Musings

Food, Personal, Parenting


My name is Kat and I am a Mamma of two, Wifey of one, writer of words, and great lover of food and wine.

Many moons ago, I studied Media at Uni with aspirations to be a Journalist but that went downhill fast when I met and married my Great Love. While love isn’t nearly a good enough excuse to abandon my own personal career goals, being married to a professional footballer has meant we have lived a nomadic existence for the last 10 years, living in 8 cities during this time. This lifestyle, as well as birthing and raising two kiddies, has made it hard for me to kick my own career goals while he kicks his – pun intended.

My two darling girls are named Sienna and Vida, the latter being the Spanish word for Life. This is where the inspiration for the name of my blog derived.

I could write a gazillion words of the emotions I feel about being a Mum. The joy it gives me to see my girls grow up every day. The burst of love I feel when they say I love you or kiss me spontaneously.

But being a Mamma isn’t just about being a Mamma and that’s why this blog is about A Mamma’s Life – that Mamma, of course, being me. It is, quite simply… A Mamma’s Life Musings.


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