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Erica Enriquez-Clemente, Blogger, Australia

Erica Enriquez-Clemente

Blogger, freelance writer
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My Local World

Get outside the world you live in, and discover multicultural experiences right here in your own home. This is about bringing the world to you, and in the process, discovering that it is, in fact, a small world, after all.

travel, entertainment, Lifestyle


MY LOCAL WORLD is about helping people to GET OUTSIDE THE WORLD YOU LIVE IN. It aims to bring the world to you.

Sydney has so much to offer, representing so much of the world. I want to explore more of it, and share it, and hopefully find some beautiful hidden gems in amongst the mess we sometimes make of things, and meet people we don’t yet understand.

How you can use MY LOCAL WORLD


  • If you’ve ever wanted to travel internationally and didn’t have the guts or the savings to do it, use MY LOCAL WORLD to look up any experiences you might want to try. Planning a trip to Athens and want to try some Greek food? Always wanted to go to France but can’t get the airfare together? MY LOCAL WORLD will help you find these experiences.
  • If you want to find out what else there is to do in your city, search MY LOCAL WORLD for anything that tickles your fancy. With 6 different categories to choose from, there is bound to be something for you.  Looking for Indian Ayurvedic treatments?  The best of Scandinavian cinema?  MY LOCAL WORLD wants to be there too!
  • If you’ve got family or friends visiting from overseas and want to give them a little taste of home, use MY LOCAL WORLD to show them how diverse Sydney is. Maybe your Filipino grandmother doesn’t like the way you cook adobo and she needs her food fix.  Maybe you have an Irish brother-in-law who needs to find the best places to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. MY LOCAL WORLD will help.
  • If you’re from overseas, making Sydney your new home, and feeling a little homesick, the MY LOCAL WORLD will help make the transition a little less lonely. From events to specialty stores from any number of countries, MY LOCAL WORLD will help you find something from home – right here in Sydney.

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