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Inside you'll find stories about my children's birthdays, my fears for them, the joy they fill me with, my own personal demons and obsessions. You'll get a clear insight into my sense of humour, my passions, my fitness and training goals, and my mad dance skills. You'll stumble across intimate conversations between me and Reservoir Mum. You'll get to know me pretty well. I promise you that. And along the way there'll be some music, some movie reviews, some interviews with some Aussie stars, and some give-aways. In the end, like most people, I just want to have a crazy fun time. I've revealed a lot about myself here already. I've done it honestly but with a touch of flair.

In the past, I feared becoming one of the world's commonalities – a 40-ish Dad, living in a suburban home, with wife and kids, waking up, eating Doritos, falling asleep. Life and adulthood and its growing list of responsibilities threatens to work me over like and angry blacksmith, heating me up so it can beat me into a long, straight, boring poker.
Blogging has helped me to resist the fashioning of the blacksmith's hammer.

Blogging is a strange thing and that's one of the reason I do it. My blog is a doorway into my braincase and even though I'll admit to it being a strange and sometimes confronting place, I make a point of allowing everyone in.

All variations of the crazy and the wonderful can happen when the door to your life is always open. Since I started blogging I've been asked to write for several national and international magazines. I've been interviewed on national television and radio. I've been photographed in my underwear for the front page of a newspaper and somehow managed to convince other Dads from all over Australia to do the same.

All this has kept me connected to the world. Parenting can be an isolating affair. Interacting with others through this blog has made me aware that we all suffer similar battles and share similar joys.

I fell into this blogging thing but now see it as that crucial cog in the machine. Blogging offers me a great creative outlet with an immediate audience. It freshens my perspective. Reliving my time with the boys, recording our last pregnancy and the birth of our fourth child and dancing around the intimate moments of my relationship with Reservoir Mum acts as a time capsule for my family, adds a little extra to my world, and reminds me of how good I've got it.

A hard day at the office becomes a learning experience in retrospect, a chance to colour the most difficult moments with a touch of the crazy, something to savour, something to reread later with the boys on my lap.

The thing I've always been afraid of – becoming one of the world's commonalties? I'm living it. I'm almost 40, I live in a house in the suburbs with my wife and four children. And I'm loving it. If this is the first time you've stopped by please say hello! You'll get to know me very well ,so let me know about your own story. Join the Reservoir Dad newsletter and stay in touch. I'm in this for the long haul. I hope you'll stick around.

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