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Carolyn Tate, Blogger, Australia

Carolyn Tate

Managing Editor
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Champagne Cartel

Working mums finding time for themselves: health, beauty, fitness, fashion, lifestyle and indulgence.

Lifestyle, Beauty, Health & Fitness


Champagne Cartel is a fast-growing blog for working mothers. We focus on creating engaging content related to health and wellbeing, food and drink, amazing women, society and culture, home design and creative spaces, travel and indulgence, and beauty and fashion.

What sets Champagne Cartel apart in an online market abounding with ‘mummy-bloggers’ is that we focus on working mums and women as individuals. Our team of writers are passionate about living rich, meaningful lives, and we have a high engagement level with our readers. We believe in nurturing and taking time for ourselves in our busy lives of giving to others. We do not publish articles about our children.

Champagne Cartel was born because I wanted to create a positive space that was all about us – working mums – where we’re not Mum, or Mrs Whatever, or whatever it is we do for a living.

These things are all important, of course, but they get enough attention already. This blog is about making your life better, discussing things that matter to you, and just thinking about your damn self for a while.

Everywhere I look online, there are new and interesting ways for working mums to feel guilty. We spend too much time at work, too much time at home, not enough time creating organic gourmet degustation puree menus for our babies, or thinking of original ways to blow our partners’ minds in the sack just in case they find someone younger and prettier, and with bigger boobs. (Don’t have a partner? You probably should feel bad about that too. What’s wrong with you?)

Honestly, if I see one more discussion online where women are telling other women what terrible women they are, I think I might have to tender my womanly resignation. Aren’t we all doing the best we can? Don’t we all love our kids and want the best for them too? Is it a crime to want a little bit of something for ourselves?

My vision – if you’ll allow me to get a bit wanky for a moment – is a judgement-free zone full of cool, smart, creative women. And – lucky me – some of the most amazing women you could hope to meet happen to be my friends, and they’re as excited to be involved in this project as I am. Check them out below.

Champagne Cartel is all about luxuries – both large and small.  Sometimes it might be a bottle of fine champagne, a day at a spa, or a fabulous new pair of shoes. Equally, luxury might mean a precious few quiet minutes to meditate, a new bottle of nail polish, or a great cup of coffee. We think it’s something that should be part of every busy woman’s life: taking a moment to feel fabulous.

We’d love to work with brands that provide solutions to problems and ideas on how to bring fun, beauty and indulgence and make the most of every day. We offer a range of services and are happy to work with you to fashion the right fit for your brand.

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Frankie4 shoes, King Island Dairy, Origin Energy, Bare Blossom cosmetics, Madame Flavour tea, The Urban Nanna.

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