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Belinda Graham, Blogger, Australia

Belinda Graham

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The Happy Home

I'm obsessed with interiors, renovating, decorating and craft, think I can DIY anything (but am not always successful) and I strive to make daily life fun and creative for my family of five.

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The Happy Home is about (obviously!) creating a happy home for my family. A home full of things we love, (hopefully) stylish, liveable and affordable spaces, creative pursuits and projects, and fun activities with the little ones. A happy place that looks - and feels - like the five of us who live here.

This blog is a record of this never-ending, ever-changing journey - the renovation, the decoration, the projects, the successes, the failures, the indecisiveness, the planning and all the fun and games in-between.

My little rascals (above) make guest appearances from time to time: meet Zak, 6, Layla, 4 and Imogen, 2 (clearly this photo is a little outdated!). Together with my husband, Steve, they're all I've ever wanted in life. Although sometimes you just might see them wandering the streets with "free to good home" signs on them. All four of them...

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