Quality Guidelines

We know that well written, clearly presented, eye-pleasing profile information helps convert site visitors through to leads. To this end we will continue our work to maintain a visitor experience that is of consistent high quality across all profile pages.

We are unprepared to accept the following:

1. Any Blog Profile that - 

1.1   is posted by someone who is not an official representative of the the blog
1.2   promotes an unrelated good, service, person, oragnsiation or brand
1.3   contains an unrelated hyperlink and/ or hidden page code
1.4   contains off-topic information or misinformation
1.5   displays formatting or fonts beyond what's natively available through the Blogger Connect page editor (WYSIWYG)
1.6   contains a download file that is not directly related to the profile
1.7   contains numerous misspelled words
1.8   contains profanity
1.9   is predominantly in a language other than English
1.10 is typed in UPPERCASE
1.11 contains a logo that is of poor resolution and/ or is distorted
1.12 contains incorrect contact information
1.13 links to a web property or social media account which is not yours and is being referenced without the owner's consent

2. Any Personal Profile that -

2.1 displays a name which is not your real one, is missing your first or last name, or is typed in uppercase
2.2 displays an avatar or an image other than a photographic image of yourself
2.3 displays false information concerning your qualifications, awards or accreditations

3. Any Image that - 

3.1 is unrelated to the blog or personal profile
3.2 is of poor resolution and/ or is distorted
3.3 is a single block of colour
3.4 contains a watermark
3.5 contains a brand, logo or trademark which is not yours and is being used without the owner's consent
3.6 is protected by copyright and/ or is a missing an attribution



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First posted: 2 March 2013


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