Why do I have to pay to add my blog to Blogger Connect, when I can list on other directories for free?

Whilst other directories simply insert a link to your blog, Blogger Connect is the only directory that provides brands with powerful search functions to be able to find you, along with comprehensive profiles that showcase all the information they need to quickly establish credibility and confidence in your blog. Additionally, we provide a platform for your blog that makes it easy for brands to connect with you for advertising opportunities.

How will a brand or PR find me on Blogger Connect?

We actively market the directory to brands, PRs, digital agencies and media to generate exposure for your blog. Brands can then search for you by location, category and the keywords that you tag in your profile. Blogger Connect has also been highly optimised by a SEO digital media expert, which means you can also be found by keyword searches in google.

Do you take commission from advertising I secure via Blogger Connect?

No. We do not take commission from you, nor do we charge the brand. We simply make the connection possible between the two of you. A small membership fee to join Blogger Connect empowers you to make more money from your advertising partnerships.

Do you get involved with the liaison between blogs and brands?

No. You are in complete control of your communication between anyone who contacts you for advertising opportunities via Blogger Connect. We do not see your emails, nor do we store your password.

Do I have to specify my unique views and other blog statistics?

We understand you might want to keep this private, which is why you have complete control of what information you want to display on your profile. You also have the option of selecting 'Request Media Kit' in your profile if you would like brands to contact you directly for your media kit to obtain your statistics.

What types of commercial relationships can I indicate to brands that I’m open to be approached on?

There are 12 options. Choose as many as are applicable to you:

  1. Sponsored Posts - Brands supply a brief and selected hyperlinks for blog to write tailored content that connects with their audience about your brand in exchange for payment.
  2. Polling - Blogger accepts payment to poll their audience to help you gain insights into your target market.
  3. Guest Posts - Blog accepts posts from other bloggers to publish for free on their blog. Guest posts support both bloggers with cross promotion across both audiences.
  4. Paid Reviews - Blogger reviews and writes about products and services in exchange for payment.
  5. Unpaid Reviews - Blogger reviews and writes about products and services in exchange for keeping products or experiencing services.
  6. Banner Advertising - Blogger accepts banner images to advertise your brand on their site. Cost of banner advertising varies according to size and placement on blog.
  7. Speaking - Blogger accepts paid or unpaid speaking opportunities.
  8. Social Media - Blogger accepts payment in return for posting tailored marketing messages via their social media channels for your brand.
  9. Video Blogs - Blogger accepts payment to promote your brand via a video post to their followers.
  10. Events - Blogger accepts invitations to events and product launches. Depending on location, the brand may need to compensate blogger for transportation.
  11. Brand Ambassadorships - Aligning with a blogger who represents your brand's values, to tailor a paid package to promote you via various channels, which can include content creation, social media marketing, speaking engagements and event appearances.
  12. Paid Competitions - Offer your product to a blogger to giveaway to their audience.

Do I have to have a media kit to be part of Blogger Connect?

You don't have to have a media kit to join Blogger Connect, but we highly advise that you create one if you want to successfully collaborate with brands for advertising opportunities. You can find advice on how to create a media kit in our resources section.

But I'm an Online Magazine. Can I be part of Blogger Connect?

Why, yes, yes you can. Blogger Connect is an advertising platform available to single bloggers, multi-author blogs, and online magazines.




Can I add streaming video to my blog profile?

Most certainly – and we strongly encourage you to do so. Video is an effective means of providing brands with a sense of you and your style. You can add up to several videos to your blog profile by pasting the URL from any publicly viewable YouTube or Vimeo video.

Can I link to my other social media from my blog profile?

You can list links to any of your social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

When people try and contact me via my contact form which email address will the message be sent to?

Messages will be sent to the email address you opened your account up with - you can test this by sending a message to yourself. If you need to change your email address for any reason, please contact us.

How many blogging categories can I associate my blog with?

A minimum of one and a maximum of three. To make your blog even more findable to brands however, utilise the blogging topic tags – detail as many as you’d like and be as specific as you can. More is better.

Why do I need to state both my closest capital city and my hometown?

We do this to assist brands who are searching for bloggers within specific areas of Australia - usually to attend physical events or activities. Your closet capital city information allows brands to first apply a top-tier search filter. Your hometown information then lets them know exactly where you’re located - and these two places could well be one and the same. 

Will Blogger Connect ever run display advertising across my profiles?

No. Never. We run a subscription based revenue model and that’s it.

Which blogs get to be featured on the homepage?

The homepage selection is completely randomised upon each refresh – we don’t play favourites.



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