Available Advertising Models on Blogs

Sponsored Posts

You supply the blogger with a brief and associated links you would like included in a tailored article on their blog. The brief should include number of words, specific keywords for links and a direction for the content.

The blogger should be given freedom to write with their own voice and to be creative to ensure that it sounds like editorial and not advertorial, so as to best connect your brand with their audience. The blogger will need to place a disclosure statement within their post, to indicate that you paid them to write about your brand.

Social Media

With many bloggers having a large social media reach and connecting with their followers on a daily basis, advertising directly via their social media audience is a great way to get your brand's message across. You can liaise with the blogger to create a content strategy, with an agreed number of messages/links, posting times and how to word your messages for best traction with their audience.

It's advisable to create a content schedule with ample time frame between posting of messages so that it feels more organic and not spammy. Because no one likes that now, do they?


Bloggers with large amounts of traffic who have an audience within your key demographic, are a brilliant resource for you to tap into to gain marketing insights for your brand. You can liaise with the blogger to create a specific number of polling questions, length and best placement on the blog, whether it be on their sidebar or within an article. If content is required to be written by the blogger to accompany the poll within an article, this will more than likely attract a higher fee than a poll just placed within their sidebar.

However, embedding a poll within a highly engaging article is more likely to have traction than a simple poll on the sidebar. This will depend on the polling questions being asked and how compelling they are to the blog's readership. You can also negotiate with the blogger to include the poll in both an article and on the sidebar.


Because of the personalised connection bloggers have with their audience, bloggers have become strong market influencers. Recent social media conversation has indicated that many readers will buy products and brands that bloggers have reviewed on their sites because they trust the blogger's opinions. Reviews can take place in a number of ways.

Some bloggers will accept product in exchange for a review, whilst others will consider writing about your product a sponsored post. Whilst many bloggers will blog for lipstick, others place a higher value on their time and increased reach. Whilst there is nothing wrong with bloggers blogging about your product in exchange for product, many will be insulted by requests from PRs and brands to spend their time writing in return for a free bottle of dish washing detergent. That's not a good return on their investment, nor does it respect their audience who they have worked hard to build, often after many years of blogging without income.

Australian blogging industry standards are that a blogger will disclose to their audience when they have received a product to review. Bloggers value the trust they have with their audience, and will write honest feedback about the product. Also note, that if you send a blogger unsolicited product (without the blogger requesting to review it) the blogger is under no obligation to review it.

Video Blogs

Video blogs can work similar to sponsored posts, or they can work especially well when the blogger is reviewing a product. Video reviews give the reader a chance to really connect with the blogger's personality and demonstrate how your products can be used in viewer's lives.


Another way to promote your brand is to offer your product to a blogger to giveaway to their audience. With a large number of blogs now running competitions that are promoted on social media, it is a good idea to offer a prize of good value to ensure traction, conversion of entries and thus maximised exposure of your product or service.Many blogs will not charge for you to offer product to their audience, however many will as again you are leveraging off their readership and it takes the blogger time to write the competition article.

You should also discuss with the blogger whether your product/service will be featured exclusively within the competition or alongside other brands. You can also create targeted entry methods that include social media following or newsletter sign up. However, with or without targeted entry methods, your brand will experience an increased level of exposure as competitions always generate spikes in traffic. Because, hey, who doesn't want to win free stuff? But remember, the prize you are offering must be of good value and the easier it is for people to enter, the more successful the competition will be.

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is one of the most traditional forms of advertising with a blog. It's pretty straightforward. You supply the blog with an image and they add it to specific places on their blogs. Media kits will detail varying placement options and banner sizes, with varying costs according to key traffic sections on blogs. Just like a newspaper, above the fold is always best.

You should also check how many page impressions your banner will receive during your advertising period. Some blogs will offer you 100% of the page impressions, whilst others may rotate advertisements within the same space. You can weigh this up with the number of unique & page views the blog receives, in order to determine how much exposure your banner will receive. Where possible, you should consider designing a banner that visually resonates with their audience, versus just supplying the same banner to every blog you advertise with.

Brand Ambassadorships

Brand Ambassadorships provide you the opportunity to align your brand with a blogger who represents your brand’s values. Whilst there are not specific guidelines for brand ambassadorships, this does give you the opportunity to tailor a package to promote your brand via various channels, which can include content creation, social media marketing, speaking engagements and event appearances. Bloggers will not typically have this included in their media kit, but this does not mean they are not open to a brand ambassadorship.

Email Marketing

Many blogs offer the option of including a banner or a promotional message within their newsletter. Costs will vary depending on the size of their mailing list.

Public Speaking

Not only do bloggers have a strong connection to their subject matter, many have become personalities in their own right. If you are looking for a subject matter expert that understands your target market, or are looking for someone to speak who can engage your audience, then consider hiring a blogger to speak at an event for you.


Inviting a blogger to an event is a great way to generate exposure for your brand. Whilst they are not paid to attend the event they will often write about it or share pictures  over social media (make sure you provide a hashtag for the event and send it to the blogger beforehand, place it on all communications, and mention it on the day, so they can hashtag their photos).

Be mindful that bloggers get invited to a lot of events, so it's important to send invites with plenty of notice (sending an invite 2 or 3 days before an event will leave the blogger feeling like an afterthought) and make your event enticing and interesting as possible to warrant the blogger giving up their time to attend.

Affiliate Advertising

There are many affiliate platforms available for you to upload your banner for bloggers to publish on their sites. You can choose to approve which bloggers applications you want to approve, or allow instant approval for the blogger to be able to download your banner for their blog. When their readers click on your banner and purchase your products, the blogger will receive a commission from the sale. The affiliate agency will also charge you to become an affiliate.



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