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Blogger Connect is an online marketplace of Australian bloggers that helps brands discover new blogging talent. Different from an agency, and much more sophisticated than a blogger directory, Blogger Connect has unique search functions that enables brands to find you amongst millions of Australian blogs. By also giving brands everything they need to know about you on one page, we not only make blogger outreach easier, but also help them quickly build confidence in your blog for advertising.

You Run the Show

Blogger Connect is not an agency. We don't take any commission from you or brands, which means you can make more money from your advertising partnerships. We don’t even get involved with the communication between you and brands- we make the connection possible and then you hold the reigns.


Blow Your Own Trumpet

Unlike blogging directories that simply insert a link to your blog, Blogger Connect provides you with a professional profile that enables you to showcase your traffic, previous brand partnerships, awards, available advertising models, a feed of your latest blog posts and more. Don't worry, if you're shy, we give you the option to keep whatever you want private.


Express Yourself With Words & Get Paid For It

We know you love to write. We know you the love the empowerment of being able to publish what you write. And we know you enjoy the freedom of being able to work from home and create a lifestyle you love from blogging. We also know you want to get paid for it. Just not with free dish washing detergent or cereal. Blogger Connect educates brands to respect the value of the ever growing power bloggers have with consumers, and explains the worth of small to large bloggers with highly engaged communities. 


Join Blogger Connect

Receiving just one sponsored post from a brand will easily cover the cost of an annual membership. Blogger Connect members also receive a 50% discount on social media courses with NET:101. Have any questions before you'd like you to join? Our FAQ page may be just the ticket, but you're also welcome to contact us here.



For Brands

Making Blogger Outreach Easier

Word by word, post by post, bloggers have created a revolution. Leading a new era of digital publishing, by deeply connecting with their readers in a way publications have never been able to before. This makes bloggers impossible for brands to ignore as an essential part of their marketing strategy.

But this is a rapidly evolving and dynamic digital landscape brands and blogs are navigating. A digital world that has ever changing rules of engagement, which often raises more questions than answers as brands and bloggers try to keep up with each other.

We've taken the difficulty out of blogger outreach, by giving brands the essential information they need all one page. Unlike blogging directories that simply insert a link to blogs, Blogger Connect profiles contain traffic, previous brand partnerships, available advertising models, awards, a feed of their latest blog posts and more (note, some bloggers may choose to keep certain sections private). You can quickly establish confidence in a blog for your campaign, and not waste time reaching out to blogs that may not be the right fit.


Free Resource for Brands and PRs

Blogger Connect doesn't charge you to search for bloggers on the site, or take commission on advertising you secure with bloggers. You don’t need a membership or log in to search for or connect with bloggers, and we don't get involved in the communication between you and bloggers. Blogger Connect simply makes the connection possible. If you want to contact a blogger, all you need to do is click on the 'send a message' button under their profile picture.




Advanced Search Functions

Blogger Connect's search functions enable you to filter bloggers by city, category and keyword. The home page displays a selection of bloggers from all categories, and options on the left sidebar enable you to filter bloggers by specific category or location. In addition to bloggers being classified by category, they also add tags to their profiles which enables you to source bloggers with specific keywords via the search function on the menu.


Available Advertising Options

Blogger Connect saves you time as you know every blogger within the community is open to advertising, and you can see exactly which types of advertising they are available for. This guide explains the different blog advertising models, and you can also hover over the information button next to the available advertising models on their profile for an explanation.


Up-to-Date Profiles

It's frustrating when you spend a lot of time searching blogging directories, only to discover many of the blogs are no longer active, have broken links or outdated information. Blogger Connect profiles are regularly audited to ensure they're still actively blogging and their information is current. You can also see on their profiles when they last updated their information. 

The bloggers on Blogger Connect have also paid a membership to be part of the community, which acts as a quality filter so you know they are serious about building commercial relationships. You can read more about our Quality Guidelines here.



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