5 Things You Need To Know Before Contacting Bloggers

Deciding to work with bloggers can be a daunting decision, but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many benefits to working with bloggers but it's a decision to not be taken lightly. Kimberley Nissen is one of the blogging industry experts on our Blogger Connect Q&A Panel, blogs at the The Plastic Diaries, is owner of Virtual Premier, and author of The Essential Beginner’s Guide to Working With Bloggers eBook.

Here she shares 5 things you need to know about bloggers.

1. Know Them Before You Contact Them

The most annoying thing for a blogger is receiving a pitch that is completely irrelevant to their blog or themselves. Do your research, and a lot of it, before contacting a blogger. Read their blog and follow them on every social media channel available. Only once you know them, what they like and how they operate should you contact them.

2. Bloggers Are People Too

The blogging medium is immediate and bloggers have the ability to post things exceptionally fast, but they are not robots and it is often hard to remember that when you only communicate via email. While bloggers do have the ability to get things out really quick, they are only human and often have lots of real life work tasks to deal with each day as well. If you want bloggers to write about your business or product around a certain time, give them as much notice as possible so if they choose to write about it they can consider aligning it with your request.

As an example, I roughly plan my editorial content 6 weeks in advance. If you have a launch coming up in 2 weeks definitely let me know about it but consider that I already have content planned for that time period so accommodating your request would best be fulfilled with a sponsorship.

3. There Has to be a Win/Win

Think you are ready to pitch to a blogger? STOP. If your pitch isn’t a win/win/win step away from the “send” button now. Bloggers are not free advertising boards and the majority of pitches a blogger receives usually undervalues the hard work they put in to becoming a trusted resource to their community.

If you want your pitch to be successful you have to offer something that benefits all parties involved. A win for the blogger, a win for their readers and a win for yourself.

4. Don’t Fear the Sponsorship

Naturally you will want to garner as much publicity for your business without paying a cent, but just like traditional media, bloggers can’t work for free. If you have a special request (such as a time period as mentioned in point 2) or you are asking for a guarantee of editorial coverage, consider the sponsorship option a blogger can provide. Many bloggers offer a variety of sponsorship options and will be happy to work with you to create something that fits a win/win/win situation.

5. Not Every Blogger Wants to Make it their Career

A common misconception about bloggers is that they are all striving to make their blog a full-time job. While many professional and hobby bloggers would love to work on their blog full-time, there are still just as many that have thriving careers they wouldn’t leave. Bloggers do what they do because of the passion they have for their chosen niche or topics, and that is one of the few things all bloggers have in common.

Don’t discount those bloggers who have a career elsewhere as any less of a valuable marketing platform than those who work on their blogs full time. Every blog has a unique standpoint and an engaged community. Your priority should lie with whether their community are people you want to reach, not whether the blogger has another means of income.

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