How Much Should You Charge for a Sponsored Post?


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For new (and even established bloggers) there’s a cloud of mystery in the Australian blogging industry around setting advertising rates. As the community manager for Blogger Connect, one question I get asked a lot is “How many unique views do I need before I start advertising?” Secondly, it’s “How much do I charge?” Continue reading

Blogging Journeys :: Amanda Smyth from Cooker and a Looker

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Can you tell us about Cooker and a Looker and why it’s different from other blogs?

Cooker and a Looker doesn’t take the cake, it drops the cake! Each post is a little sandwich of family life, food and humour. My aim is to write fresh, easy recipe ideas that become family favourites. There’s no green smoothies or nutritional information, just good home cooking, salted butter, free range eggs and real life.

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Blogging Journeys :: Iolanthe Gabrie from The Ruby Slipper

The Ruby Slipper Fashion Style Culture blog Australia

Can you tell us about Ruby Slipper and why it’s different from other blogs?

Ruby Slipper sits uniquely as a Melbourne-centric arts and culture blog, presenting an intelligent, amusing and earnest view of local creative events, festivals and style. We present often-complex ideas in an accessible way, allowing readers to take what they want from our tome: be it style, new ideas, inspiration to visit new place, or ways to begin asserting themselves in the online space.

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