Will You Use Twitter’s New Australian Advertising Platform to Promote Blog Posts?

Will You Use Twitter’s New Australian Advertising Platform to Promote Blog Posts?

Last week, I was interviewed on ABC radio about Twitter opening its Australian headquarters in Sydney and the controversy around a British Airways customer using a U.S. self-served ad portal to advertise a complaint.

You may have already seen it promoted tweets from Australian businesses such as the banks and celebrities, but the official self-served advertising model is not available in Australia. The overseas self-served model has enabled businesses (and one very disgruntled airline passenger sans luggage) to promote tweets, accounts and trends. The interesting aspect of this model is they are using a new advertising metric.

Facebook and Google Adwords have used cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and cost per click (cpc), but Twitter is reported to be using cost per engagement (CPE). This means you will only pay anytime someone engages with your advertisement, such as replying, clicking on a link and retweeting. The Finance Post reports, “Twitter’s engagement rate remains interesting. In recent data, state-promoted tweets register engagement rates of about 1% to 3%. Promoted trends usually get responses rates in double digits across the country.”

Do you ever engage with promoted tweets?

As a blogger, will you consider paying to promote tweets for your blog posts?

// CONTRIBUTOR Gaynor Alder :: Blogger Connect PR & Community Manager

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