Suggestions For Selling Luxury Products Via Instagram

Suggestions For Selling Luxury Products Via Instagram

There’s no denying that Instagram is an important part of our lives nowadays, especially in the e-commerce industry. According to recent reports, Instagram generated almost $24B in revenue in the year 2020 and has more than 1.4 billion users. The numbers are increasing every year and since Instagram has no direct competitor, most sellers flock to the platform for promoting their products. 

The influx of the COVID-19 pandemic became a catalyst for most social media platforms to become more popular than they already were and thereby businesses are now taking these platforms more seriously than ever before. From small companies to companies selling luxury products – Instagram attracts every part of the digital marketing pyramid. 

The Art Of Selling Luxury Products On Instagram

According to an internet company for social media consulting, the growth of selling & buying luxurious goods on Instagram has seen massive growth. Due to the online presence of most brands nowadays, people are spending more time shopping online than trying to visit stores. 

The presence of any brand on social media is a bonus for selling because of the younger generation. That’s why even the most influential & popular luxury brands are moving online via their social media channels. Based on reports, almost 30 per cent of the global luxury goods sales happen online. 

Hence, brands & companies these days are focusing more on consumer preferences and customer consumption. Even though the sales of luxurious goods dipped during the pandemic, the sales are ever-increasingly rising nowadays.

Tips For Selling Luxury Goods Via Instagram

  1. Using The Influence Of Instagram Influencers

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the power of Instagram influencers can take the popularity of your brand to next level. Researches suggest that close to 63 per cent of all consumers trust the words of an influencer and their way of promoting products. 

For instance, a popular luxurious women’s brand called Chanel made Jennie, who is a K-pop singer, its brand ambassador. As a result, Chanel will not only be able to tap the potential of new users who follow the K-pop singer but also showcase their marketing spiel differently. 

Thus, you need to spend some hours researching thoroughly on influencers, so that you can find the ideal person and thereby boost the sales of your luxurious product. 

  1. Having Proper Visual Presentation

The best way you can promote your luxurious product on Instagram is to do it in a unique way that’s visually appealing to the consumers. Therefore, if you’re able to create a luxurious visual presentation for your luxurious product, then you’ll be able to attract the correct set of customers. 

Furthermore, it should be learned that luxury brands are not just luxurious for their prices but also for the story they create for each product they make. Thus, you can use Instagram stories or reels to showcase your product stories or behind the scenes ideas that lead to the creation of the product. 

  1. Using Strong Captions

Apart from showcasing your product photos, stories or behind the scenes footage, you also need to use strong captions with all of them. Moreover, using the correct hashtags are also essential, otherwise, consumers won’t be able to engage with the same. 

If you want more social media marketing suggestions like these, feel free to contact our experts right away. 

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