Relationship & Dating We Love

Relationship & Dating We Love

According to some reports, the dating scene has changed positively since the coronavirus swept through our lives. Sara Konrath from the Atlantic explains that many single Americans are more deliberate about who they date and have deeper conversations.

As we approach another pandemic on Valentine’s Day, we wanted to shout out to these blogs for daters.

These dating blogs are great for anyone looking to get back into the dating scene, whether trying to find a date idea, even if it is virtual, or seeking advice on how to best present your profile. is known as the “Authority on All Things Dating.” It’s a site that provides dating advice for straight and gay men, seniors and theĀ 

There are more than 28,000 posts on the blog, so there will be something for everyone.

Hello Saturday

Hey, Saturday has been named one of the UK’s top 10 dating blogs. Saskia Nelson founded it. She is the one who created the dating photography genre.

This site will help you improve your online dating profile. This blog has a lot of useful tips and advice to help you navigate the world of e-dating.

The new dating app Once was recently profiled in a recent post. It was created by an all-female group and worked on a slow-dating model. The app asks 28 questions in modern times to determine your emotional profile. These questions are used to assess four areas: independence and extroversion, physicality, intuition, and physicality.

If your wardrobe consists mainly of athleisure and sweats (which is not a shame, it’s my everyday look), Hey Saturday has tips on what to wear in your dating profile pic.

Global Dating Insights

This unique site doesn’t offer dating advice but data and news about the online dating industry.

The site publishes news articles, interviews, and the GDI Power Book every year, which lists key figures and startups in the sector of dating. For interviews with industry leaders, readers can also visit the GDI podcast.

Evan Marc Katz

As I was searching for the right words to write this post, Evan Marc Katz, a dating coach, came up on almost every list of dating blogs people should be visiting. It’s a good thing. For more than a decade, he has been coaching women. He strives to help them understand the thoughts and reasons behind their actions.

Katz explains why he chose to offer advice to women over men. “Believe me, and I wish more men would grow and change. They want to understand the opposite sex. But, for the most part, they don’t. This frustrates me and is why I advise women.” Katz says that his job is to “give you a male perspective on relationships and dating, to help you understand the good men and avoid the bad.

You can search content by categories, such as communication, chemistry and flirting. Or, you can listen to a podcast episode.

Katz offers tips for women going through difficult relationships in a recent blog post. Katz says that good relationships are not easy to build. They require effort like watering the garden but not ‘work’ such as laboring in a mine or being held captive for long periods.

The Urban Dater

This blog focuses on real-life stories and experiences of dating. It’s a place where you can share all your thoughts on romance: the heartache, the heartbreak, and the joy.

The Urban Dater began as a blog with only one author, Alex Vasquez. It has grown to include more than 300 contributors. The content covers many topics such as dating apps, adult dating and LGBTQ dating.

The Ask the Urban Dater section offers advice from the authors in response to real questions submitted by readers. This section was not updated in a while, but it has been resurrected recently. You can check out old posts while you wait to see new ones.

Recent posts discuss manipulationships, defined as “where one person uses something against another person (eg. To get the other person to do their thing, they may use emotional blackmail, violence, humiliation, or gaslighting.

Baggage Reclaim

This blog was started by Natalie Lue, a blogger who had an awakening after a split and coping with a serious disease. She shared her journey to release her emotional baggage, establish boundaries, and acknowledge her fears of rejection and abandonment.

She shares life lessons and advice through blog posts, podcasts, and books to readers. She explains that she would love to help others, saving you time, energy and money.

Lue’s posts cover many aspects of dating, from ghosting to emotional (un-)availability, people-pleasing and more. Many of the posts are focused on how to handle a breakup. This is a difficult topic to discuss and navigate, but Lue does great.


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