Preparing for marriage is as easy as enjoying your engagement

Preparing for marriage is as easy as enjoying your engagement

Every year, the holiday season brings out a flood of social media posts with photos of rings and videos showing how they were proposed. We are currently in the middle of the most popular time of the year for engagements, with almost forty percent of all engagements taking place between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. This is known as the proposal season. This period coincides with family holidays, so it is natural to propose because couples want to share their love commitments with the people they love.

The excitement of sharing the good news with everyone can quickly turn into a frenzy. Frenzied decision-making, deposit for settings, site visits and outfit selections can quickly take over the excitement of engagement. Many couples find that the excitement of a proposal is quickly overshadowed by anxious decision-making, deposits for settings, venue site visits, and outfit selections. Uneasy family advice and disagreements between couples can make them feel like they are running away to get married or eloping without many guests. Is it possible to have a different experience? You can keep those happy feelings and still enjoy the wedding planning process. Absolutely!

What is an Engagement Period?

Engagement doesn’t simply refer to the time between a proposal or a wedding. In some cultures, engagement was an important step in preparation for marriage. Men were ready to provide for their families and build a house. Families that are open to new members. Certain cultures and religions have specific premarital requirements, such as Precana in Catholicism.

Engagement is more than just logistical planning. It’s also a time for you to enjoy each other and plan your next steps together, including marriage.

Engaged will make your relationship feel new. It takes time to prepare and plan for a major step in your commitment to one another. Engaging can be a wonderful time to get to know each other and learn skills that will help you build a strong, healthy marriage.

Three Tips to Enjoy Your Engagement

These keys will help you enjoy the joy that comes with a proposal for as long as possible. If you take the time to enjoy your engagement, it can be just as memorable as your wedding and proposal. These tips can help you to reduce stress when planning your wedding.

1. Take the time to be together

You may feel the need to share your news with everyone in today’s connected world. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and want to share your joy with the world. Engagement is a special time. Proposals can be memorable and are a wonderful experience. Take it all in. Enjoy your relationship. Your relationship is worth celebrating. Everything and everyone else can wait.

2. Wedding Planning Can Wait A Bit

It may seem like you need to make quick decisions. You might feel pressure to plan and reserve wedding venues and settings quickly. Don’t. Talk about what is most important to you as a couple. It is important to be clear and intentional about what you value as a couple. This will help you make the right decisions and have a smooth transition into your wedding planning process. Instead of forcing decisions, hurrying, stressing out, or limiting the joy of the process, let your vision unfold naturally.

3. Enjoy a post-proposal getaway

A weekend getaway can be a great way to celebrate your engagement. Honeymoons can be a great way to relax and celebrate after a wedding. Babymoons are a popular way for moms-to-be and their partners to escape with family, friends, or a partner before the baby arrives. A post-proposal getaway is a great idea. Spending a weekend together will help you focus on yourself as a couple. This can allow for more clarity and creativity in planning your wedding.

Engagement time is more than just a time of planning and making decisions. This is the time to celebrate milestones in your relationship. Being grounded together creates immunity against stress. You can ease into your marriage by making the little things (and the big ones). Your engagement will be remembered as a time when your love blossomed. You will love your wedding and your marriage even more!


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