All relationships are built on love. The mother’s love best demonstrates unconditional love for her children. Second is the relationship between a devotee to a lord. The third category includes all relations other than a brother, sister, husband and wife. Since time immemorial, people have tried to figure out how to make a relationship or love work. These top 15 blogs on love and relationships can be used to get useful information.


Rahul Ashok wrote a beautiful poem in memory of the love of his heart and regretted not having changed. He was very sad to have lost her. He keeps her photograph on his chest, and he can remember her. He illustrated his Malappuram visit after these revelations. He uploaded many images. He describes his life as an engineering student. This blog is for those in a relationship who want to see the poems.

Perfervid Dreams

Simple girl loves to read and write. She loves to express her emotions through words and verses. Photographs are a way for her to relive the past. It lifts her and gets her moving. Music is her voice. Many of her Hindi movie songs have been uploaded by her. This post is for you if you love music and want to hear these lovely songs.

Oriel to the Future

Priyanka, alias Piyu, stresses eating healthy over dieting. According to her, eating healthy and exercising daily is the best way to stay healthy. She uses the latest technology to view and hear the cricket match. Even a video of her enjoying the match has been uploaded to the UC browser. You can find her ideas on this blog.

Dating App

This is the best dating blog on the web. Their content revolves around answering the questions of their audience. They will answer any questions about your relationships or your dating issues and create a blog post specifically for them.

The inner workings of an (in-)sane mind

Renu Sethi reviews a book. She doesn’t care about the happy ending but the flow of the story. She has read the story in detail. She agrees with her opinions on character, story, and language. She has given her verdict and rated the book. You can also read the review by clicking here.

Being Mrs. Dutta

She shared some of her daily blunders with us, which she admitted to. She takes care of the household, children, and guests and manages her workload at her office. If she wants to be financially independent or have her own identity, she will also manage her house. She then shares her growing culinary skills. This post is for those who enjoy honest confessions of errors and candid generalizations.

Love is always new.

Amit enjoys movies, books, music, cricket and relationships. This post contains 5 book reviews. He has provided summaries and analyses of each book. He also rated these books. He has provided his opinion in the last few lines of each book and offers advice to readers. You can also read reviews to help you choose the book that you like.

Afixxion addict

Alcina believes honey has many health benefits and recommends healthy eating habits and regular exercise. She then questions the progress of technology. Things we consider simple can be complex in real life. She speaks about the need for space by both partners. One poem has been shared with a beautiful image in Hindi, followed by one in Urdu. This post will explain the benefits of honey and her feelings about love and relationships.

To think or not to

Three books by three well-known authors inspired Kapil Sharma. He offers a philosophically brief poem about life, dreams and purpose. He tells a story about a brief incident that changed a girl’s life and defines ‘Mrityulobhi” and ‘pankhlobh”. This post contains his philosophy of life written in short verses. This post is for you if you are a philosopher and a dreamer.

The Enchantress

Nikita Goel’s love for her parents and dreams began with the desire to live in harmony with them. She is proud of her husband as her life partner. She lists 14 ways to make love a reality. She encourages women to become their masters. She encourages her readers not to exist but to live purposefully. You might also be enchanted and inspired by her ideas.


Nikita Ranga loves reading and writing. Writing is her way of expressing life’s realities. She offers advice that strengthens the relationship between spouse and husband. Her thoughts on healthy eating with honey, UC browser, and book review are here. Interview, father’s Day is also included. This is a piece of practical and useful advice for girls in a relationship. This post contains her views and advice.


Shilpa Gupte started by emphasizing the importance of eating healthy food. She created a fictional story about a pizza thief. She tells us about her nominations for awards and how she fulfills requisites for the one she wins. She then explains her three ‘Quotes’. Finally, she shows her second award with its illustration. You can see her Quotes illustrations by clicking on this link.


Neeraj Kumar begins with the memory of the beloved one. Then he tells a creative story about Dabur honey promotion. He uploaded a video describing how a disciplinarian father changed his son’s behavior and stopped him from stealing. This earned him a hug. He once again tells a great story to promote Vicco turmeric cream. You will be impressed by his creativity. Please read this blog.

Soliloquies for a Wanderer

Sumeet Keswani is a wanderer and photographer. He has published poems about a dream once lost in 2015 in New Delhi. He recalls the day his grandfather died. He wrote a poem about the place where truth ends. He uploaded a bright and beautiful picture of a plant that creates the pattern. You can read his words in this post.


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