Keys to Growing a Highly Engaged Twitter Following

Keys to Growing a Highly Engaged Twitter Following

Whilst the tips listed below are straightforward; you will need to devote a decent amount of time regularly to make them work. No one said social media was easy, or at least they shouldn’t have.

Finding Quality to Follow

◾Run an (advanced) keyword search on your industry sector topics

◾Run a search on your competitor’s brand names and Twitter handles

◾Identify and search on industry sector hashtags

◾Selectively follow Twitter accounts using hashtags from aligned industry conferences, events and tweet-ups

◾Selectively follow the followers of your competitors

◾Selectively follow the followers of your industry sector influencers

◾Selectively follow Twitter accounts from the industry-aligned public Twitter lists of others

◾Subscribe to industry-aligned public Twitter lists

◾View Twitter’s recommended people to follow (based on who you are following)

◾Google for curated industry-specific Twitter lists

Engaging with your Twitter community (Lower Level)

◾Proactively follow aligned personal or organisational Twitter accounts

◾Selectively follow back your followers

◾Favourite a tweet from an aligned Twitter account

◾Retweet a tweet from an aligned Twitter account

Engaging with your Twitter Community (Higher Level)

◾Find a tweet from the stream of an aligned account and personalise a reply

◾Add an aligned account to one or more of your public lists (make the list name interesting or flattering)

◾Retweet an aligned tweet using the manual ‘RT.’

◾Use the brand hashtag from an aligned account in one of your tweets

◾Send an aligned follower a private and personal direct message (DM)

◾Selectively invite your followers and align Twitter accounts to a tweet-up

◾Subscribe to aligned public Twitter lists

◾Thank a person for subscribing to one of your lists

◾Connect with high-value followers on their other social media platforms

◾Selectively invite your followers to an off-line event (or a coffee)

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