Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work In 2022? (How To Get Started)

Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work In 2022? (How To Get Started)

It’s enough to drive you nuts with all the myths, bad publicity, good press, and occasionally downright lies. Only you can decide if affiliate marketing is right for you. In order to acquire the answers, you’ll have to dig deep into your thoughts and snoop online. 

But first, let’s quickly understand what affiliate marketing is:

Affiliate marketing is the practice of earning a commission for promoting the products of another individual or firm. It’s as simple as finding a product you like, promoting it, and then taking a cut of the profit from each transaction. 

From a brand’s perspective, it’s a terrific approach to getting customers to buy and make money online! It’s safe to say that the current emphasis on non-traditional forms of marketing has benefited both brands and their affiliates.

Start affiliate marketing by following these steps:

  • Decide on a platform and a strategy.
  • Identify your target market and niche.
  • Locate the products you’re looking for.
  • Make a decision about which affiliate program to join.

As with owning a small business, becoming a successful affiliate requires much time and effort. To get your affiliate marketing business off the ground, follow the below steps.

Decide on a platform and a strategy.

To grow an audience, you must first choose a platform. Every affiliate marketer has a unique strategy and platform to promote their products. As an affiliate marketer, you can choose from a variety of options based on several methods:

  • It’s all about niche topics and reviews. If you’re looking to learn more about a particular product, you can visit these sites. This strategy demands you to publish frequently to pull in a following in the review arena.
  • In the digital world, bloggers, YouTubers, and social media influencers are examples of digital content makers. They specialise in creating material for a specific market. Their goal is to introduce niche products that their target audience will find appealing. As a result, you have a better chance of earning an affiliate commission from them.
  • Courses, seminars, workshops, and other activities. It is possible to incorporate affiliate partnership offers into educational activities.

Authenticity and establishing an audience are the most important aspects of affiliate marketing, regardless of the strategy you use.

Affiliate marketers commonly use the following platforms:

  • Blogging 
  • Instagram
  • TikTok 
  • Facebook 
  • Pinterest
  • Pay-per-click (PPC)

It’s easier to produce high-quality content when you start with a platform that you’re familiar with.

Identify your target market and niche.

Trying to capture the current trends can backfire when they end quickly. Doing niche research will help your affiliate business produce money for years. You’ll examine the competitive landscape, learn about niche affiliate programs, and design a content plan and affiliate marketing strategy.  Free niche research tools might help you find niche ideas. Three speciality research tools:


  • Google Trends: Geo-organized trending themes and searches
  • Answer Socrates reveals Google searches

If you have no money or a modest budget, choose a topic you’re enthusiastic about. So you won’t get bored creating 50+ articles on your niche. A topic you like must also be profitable. Understand the competitors to locate your market entry point. Beginners may not have enough money or material to launch a web hosting blog. Look for medium-competition niches where you can service a limited audience, differentiate yourself, and expand later.

Locate the products you’re looking for.

Affiliate marketers must connect with their audience to make money. It would help if you marketed stuff they want. Mistakes here can hurt your success and the audience’s trust in your recommendations. 

Visit the websites of items and services you like to check if they have an affiliate program. Large corporations, for instance, affiliate programs in Australia like Amazon Associates, promote affiliate programs on their website. Directness is another option. Ask the owner of an excellent product whether they have an affiliate program. If not, they may offer you a coupon code to share with your followers.

The finest deals are generally found when you’re the first to enquire and have a suitable distribution. 

Make a decision about which affiliate program to join

As you brainstorm items or browse affiliate sites, make sure they connect with your audience or the audience you plan to build. Is it something your audience wants? Fits your expertise? Food bloggers don’t usually market beauty products. Cookware, food packages, gourmet ingredients, or aprons would be better. Make sure your product or service fits the platform you’re using.


Making money through affiliate marketing networks is a rewarding and risk-free approach to building a new cash stream. The only thing you’ll have to pay for is your time. Putting in the time upfront will pay off in the long run.


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