Blogging Journeys :: Interview with Kat Caravella from Mamma’s Vida

Blogging Journeys :: Interview with Kat Caravella from Mamma’s Vida

Can you tell us about Mamma’s Vida and why it’s different to other parenting blogs?

With ‘Vida’ meaning ‘Life’ in Spanish, Mamma’s Vida translates as “Mamma’s Life”. While I love being a Mum, I wanted to define myself as more than a parenting blogger. I’ve always loved to discuss life issues and non-issues – whether its current affairs, fashion, food or even just a bad day at the hairdresser – and knew that having a blog would be a good way to articulate my thoughts.

Of course, I still blog about Mum issues – being a Mamma is, after all, a gargantuan part of my life – but there’s lots of other stuff in there. Hence the tagline: A Mamma’s Life Musings.

How many years have you been blogging and how many hours per week do you spend blogging?

I blogged for about a year anonymously and infrequently until I woke up one day with a new lease on my blogging life and Mamma’s Vida was born. I try to blog around twice a week but it all depends on how demanding my schedule is. I probably spend 2 hours on each post.

How does blogging fit into your lifestyle and describe your typical blogging day?

My blog is inspired by my life. I take mental notes when something random or weird happens or when I want to have a rave or a rant. So I guess it just fits into my life when it’s meant to… because that inspiration doesn’t stay around for long! In between running a small business from home as well as being a full-time Mum – I just blog whenever I can and when a topic comes to me organically.

Why did you start blogging? What was the inspiration behind setting up Mamma’s Vida?

I completed a media degree at university but not long after I finished I met my husband – a professional sportsman. Soon enough we were gallivanting around the world for his career, so I naturally took a back step in order to support him while we “chased the contract”. 10 years, a wedding and two babies later I decided that a blog of my own would be a great opportunity to discover my passion for writing again.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I love having my own personal little media company. I can say what I like without anyone editing it to suit them; I can choose what I write about and you can choose whether you want to read it. I love the reader interaction – I even love when people disagree with me! It’s all about conversation.

When did you first receive income from your blog?

Only recently and it is on a small scale. But my blog led to me getting regular paid columns and I’m grateful for those opportunities.

Where you would like to see your blog in 1 year’s time, and 3 year’s time?

In 1 years time I would like to have continued my growth and readership with more frequent opportunities to do sponsored posts. In 3 years I want to no longer be a “new blogger” but someone established in the industry with a reputation for writing a blog that’s relatable, fun and credible. I want to be able to grow my comment section and inspire people to have great conversation.

What advice would you give to brands and PRs contacting you for opportunities?

Read my blog – see what I love and don’t love. Know that I am always keen to have opportunities that will still allow me to stay true to myself and my beliefs. I will never compromise my credibility for a payday, but if the opportunity and or product suits me, I’ll rave for days.

What 3 tips would you give other bloggers starting out?

Persevere and stick with it. It took me 6 months of regular blogging to get my first comment and that can be disheartening to start with. Oh –and blog about things you are passionate about, it will shine through in your post.

 What would you like to see more of in the blogging community?

More experienced bloggers supporting newer bloggers – maybe something as simple as retweeting a piece they love to their followers, or even just following them back on Twitter. You will never know how much a green blogger will appreciate the support. When Mrs Woog retweeted an article of mine I thought I’d made it!

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