Blogger Interview :: Kelly from Be a Fun Mum

Blogger Interview :: Kelly from Be a Fun Mum

:: What was the inspiration behind ‘Be a Fun Mum’?

To share the joy of simple things; to create amazing memories with my children and to inspire others with personal stories.

:: How did you get started on your blogging journey, and why did you decide to focus on parenthood?

As I came out of the haze of postnatal depression, I found myself wanting to get back into the habit of writing. I was knee deep in nappies at the time so talking about my parenting experiences seemed an obvious choice of topic. I started blogging in July 2009, almost four years ago.

:: How has ‘Be a Fun Mum’ evolved over the years?

Wow, I never would have thought it would become what it is. ‘Be A Fun Mum’ started with my desire to write online and connect with other like-minded people. And yet, it’s become much more. My blog has given me a voice, a job I can work around my children, and incredible opportunities.

The blog is me, but it only represents a part of me, and I’m proud of this. I’m proud because ‘Be A Fun Mum’ has its own identity now. It’s like it’s alive, and although I write about a variety of topics there’s an undercurrent of identity that matures as the blog does.

:: You balance so many different jobs on top of being a mum; how hard is it to do this?

The hardest thing for me isn’t juggling different jobs. You know, I don’t even see myself as someone who wears different hats; I’m just me. The ‘one-woman-many-hats’ is a popular way to describe the modern day woman but I don’t see myself that way.

Instead I see myself as a woman passionate about creativity, living a life of value and sharing it with those around me. So whether I’m running kids to school, writing to a deadline, learning, travelling, being a wife, exercising, socialising or avoiding housework I’m still that woman. I like to run my own race. If I wear different hats, it’s because I like them.

The difficult thing is balance (or the myth of it) because it’s not a fixed line. Believe me, when you get to the place where you think you need to be, it won’t be there anymore. I’ve learned the line of balance always moves because life is variable.

:: What are your tips for other working mums who are trying to find a good work/life balance? Is it really possible for a woman and mother to ‘have it all’?

Balance is not something I look for any more – gasp! I’ve given up that battle, and I’m not interested in ‘having it all’. What?! Nope. Instead of balance or reaching some sort of pinnacle, I look for value and importance as I live life, and this is what holds me like an anchor in rough seas. I see it as the ability to live the in the moment without losing course. Live in the little things and think in the big picture.

My tips from my own personal experience are:

:: Foster confidence in what’s important to you and your family and why. This can take some time to work out.

:: Maintain flexibility. There’s no line, it’s more about the ability to adjust the different levels on the panel board so the sound you hear is always beautiful. Varied, but beautiful.

:: Develop personal tools to help you see the important stuff. This may be red flags to help you draw back when you need to; organisational systems that work; taking time to enjoy the little things… or coffee.

:: Learn to say no. A lot. If something doesn’t sit quite right, and it compromises on what is important, just say no. Recently, I turned down a big television opportunity because at the time there were a lot of pressures on family life. Sure, I missed out on a great opportunity but I don’t regret it for a second. I made the decision on what was important in that moment, with the big picture in mind.

:: Be yourself by radiating your essence wherever you are in whatever you’re doing. And stop putting on different hats.

:: Let go of guilt. Learn from mistakes, change where you can, accept where you can’t, and always move onward.

:: Your blog also focuses on raising social awareness and the importance of appreciating life’s little moments; what sparked your interest in these other elements?

After living under the cloud of depression for a long period of time, I needed to find a new normal. Appreciating the little moments and the joy in every day became that to me. At the start it was a choice – to take the time to stop and notice – but now, it’s an effortless joy, like breathing.

Also, blogging has given me an insight into how beautiful it is to connect with those around you with compassion and understanding, and how little things can make a big difference. I travelled to India last year to tell stories of World Vision’s work over there, and I hope to do many more things like that. We can all make a difference if we look for opportunities to live compassion.

:: How did you get started on your media journey? Have you always loved writing?

I wouldn’t say I always loved writing. Interestingly, at school, mathematics came more naturally to me than English. I was good at maths, but I certainly wasn’t passionate about it. I developed a love for writing when a sociology lecturer took an interest in me and encouraged me. That was the start.

I still find writing hard. What I love the most – and what keeps me motivated – is the creative process behind writing and how posts come together, often in a way I don’t expect.

:: What do you enjoy the most about the journey ‘Be a Fun Mum’ has taken you on?

The adventure. I’m hungry for it. I’ve travelled to Thailand, New Zealand, India, and soon to Laos and Africa; I’ve met many people I would not have otherwise, because of my blog. My life is very average but it’s like I get to have these adventures in-between folding the washing.

:: Where do you draw your inspiration for your blog posts from?


:: What’s next for you and ‘Be a Fun Mum’?

I plan to complete an eBook by the end of 2013, reproducing the best of my content. I must brush the dust off a few children’s picture books manuscripts too. I might even be brave enough to send them to a publisher.

For now, I’ll keep winging it, loving it, living it – as I embrace this season of my life.

Always onward.