Blogger Interview :: Emily Highfield from Vintage Soul

Blogger Interview :: Emily Highfield from Vintage Soul

:: Where did your love of vintage fashion come from?

I think my love of vintage fashion blossomed when I was at fashion school. We all used to go on shopping excursions to the op-shops in our lunch break. Vintage shopping is perfect for fashion students because it’s cheap and you can alter them if you need to.

:: Do you remember the first piece of clothing you ever made?

Yes, it was a pair of printed pants in my fashion class at school. I was in year 7.

:: Before it was a blog, Vintage Soul was a fashion label you created whilst working with Yeojin Bae. How did this evolution come about?

I was working part time at Yeojin Bae and being the driven person I am, I wanted to do something else on the side, so I began re-working vintage and pre-loved pieces and selling them. When I was offered a full time design position at White Suede, my little venture ceased as a label and morphed into a fashion blog. I was quite slack with my blog at the start, but over the last year I ‘ve been getting a bit more involved with it. I love it and have a lot of fun with it. It’s a highly creative outlet where I get to collaborate with other talented creatives.

:: Your blog posts feature images of you wearing beautiful outfits; how long do these take to coordinate? What inspires your creative process?

It doesn’t take long. Some outfits I can already see in my head before I put them on and some I have fun with trying different things together.

I get inspiration from everywhere. Sometimes it only takes one amazing garment to inspire an outfit, other times I’m inspired by a mood, trend, colour, movie, editorial shoot etc.

:: You now work in Womenswear Design at Witchery. How do you balance this with blogging?

Being in the fashion industry, hours can get quite long, so it’s definitely tough blogging on the side with a full time job. It’s like working two jobs because I work all day and then go home and work on my blog at night.

Then on the weekends I might do a shoot so I’ve got content to post during the week. I do give myself a break though and balance all my work with social events and exercise. It also helps that I find blogging fun, so it doesn’t seem like work.

:: You’re also a dancer, graphic designer and have dabbled in photography, business and event management. Where do you get your drive from?

I’m not sure where my drive comes from. I just love trying and learning new things. I want to spend my life travelling if I can. There’s so much in the world to see and do.

:: What challenges have you faced as a creative entrepreneur, and how did you overcome them?

I think the biggest challenge I’ve faced so far was choosing which area I wanted to turn into a career, as I tend to love a lot of different things. I’ve overcome this by having clear goals and being driven and persistent to achieve those goals. In regards to business, this is a challenge in itself, but it’s about trial and error, taking risks, trusting in your gut and getting the right advice.

:: What advice would you give to other people who want to explore multiple creative passions as a career?

My advice is to become an expert in one field if you can, whilst dabbling in other things on the side. Creative professions do tend to crossover so you have the ability to have several careers in your lifetime, which is exciting. Most importantly, have clear goals, be persistent and use your mistakes to grow.

:: What are the must-have items every woman should have in her wardrobe?

My list could go on for ages, so I’ll try to keep it to the wardrobe staples… A perfect fitting pair of jeans, denim shorts, basic tanks and tees are a must, some black pointy-toe pumps, the perfect jacket (my favourite is my Witchery black drapey biker jacket because it goes with everything. It’s feminine with a hint of edge, it’s timeless and super comfortable). You can’t go wrong with a navy and white striped jersey top, a classic white button up shirt, a little black dress, some leather sandals and a pair of Converse kicks.

Also, don’t forget about the accessories because sometimes it’s the details that can make an outfit. You definitely need the perfect red lipstick, a selection of nail polish colours, a great handbag, a gorgeous clutch and some quality jewellery pieces.

:: What’s next for you and Vintage Soul?

I definitely have some ambitious goals in mind, which I can’t say too much about, but it includes more design and more blogging.