Best Relationship Read If You Want to Enter the love

Best Relationship Read If You Want to Enter the love

Relationship blogging is a timeless and profitable niche. We are social creatures, and we all crave the benefits of relationships. Although divorce is a common issue for many married couples, it hasn’t stopped them from remarrying.

These statistics are based on the.

  • Forty-six percent of married couples in 1996 had at least one spouse who was remarrying.
  • The number of adults who have married more than once between 1996 and 2008-2012 was lower for women aged 50 (women) and men aged 60 (men).
  • Remarriage is affected by age. The ratio of men and women between 50 and 69 who have been married twice was 20 percent higher than any other age group.

There will always be a market for relationship blogs regardless of whether someone gets married.

It is best to read the top blogs in this field if you are interested in this niche. There are many, so it is important to know that you will be competing against strong competitors. However, that shouldn’t stop anyone from trying. If you are good at writing about relationships and feel you have something to offer, go for it!

Take a look at these top relationship blogs. Make sure you do your research so you can build a solid foundation.

Elephant Journal

The Elephant Journal is a favorite site for many topics. This blog isn’t just about relationships; it also covers spirituality, mindfulness, and other topics. The Love, Loneliness & Relationships section is a great example for aspiring relationship bloggers.

The articles range from relationship advice to poetry and relationship stories (of a very personal nature), which will give you plenty of food for thought. The blog is interesting because it offers perspectives from both genders. This blog is full of passion, unlike any other.

Love and Life Toolbox

Lisa Brookes Kift is a therapist and the founder of Love and Life Toolbox. She offers various resources and tools that will help you improve your marriage and relationships and your emotional well-being. Although Lisa writes most of the blog’s content, other contributors are in the counseling or coaching.

The Love and Life Toolbox blog is a great place to start a relationship blog. It is scientific-based and specifically applies psychological concepts to improve relationships and emotional health. Her blog posts are easy to follow and understand.

Modern Love Long Distance

Long-distance is one of the most common reasons couples end up splitting. You would think that a couple in a long-distance relationship wouldn’t last. Some people can survive the “curse” of long distance. The founders of Modern Love Long Distance, Lisa and Mike, are an example. They are a happily married couple that lived more than 7000 miles apart. Lisa was in Los Angeles while Mike was in Papua New Guinea.

Their blog has a lot to love. They offer advice for LDR couples and provide suggestions for activities that can help keep the relationship strong. You will also find advice on communication, building a family and resolving conflicts, and gift ideas. This blog is great and covers all aspects of love and maintaining healthy relationships across distances.

90 Day Loving You

Seriously? 90 days? You might also consider that some people have fallen in love with their partner within 90 days.

This blog was created by Dr. Diana Kirschner (a psychologist and love expert on PBS and a bestselling author). This blog is not like other blogs that focus on couples or partners. Instead, it focuses on finding love and making sure you are ready to do so.

These are the top posts you should read to get inspired.

  • This is a simple exercise to help you feel confident!
  • Are You Single at Christmas? Five ways to cope
  • Overcoming Self-Doubt to Find Soulmate Love

Gottman Relationship

The Gottman Relationship blog is part of the Gottman Institute. They describe it as “A research-based approach for relationships”. The institute is a research-based organization committed to “an ongoing program of study that enhances the understanding of relationships and contributes to the development interventions that have been carefully assessed.”

Their website is not only about dating and couples. You will also find topics on children, families, and becoming stepparents. For different content, starting relationship bloggers should check out Gottman Institute’s blog.


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