11 Activities and Games for Kids in the Pool

11 Activities and Games for Kids in the Pool

Children love to splash in the pool during warm summer days. Even the most water-loving kids will eventually tire of Marco Polo. We have gathered 11 pool games and activities that will enhance your swimming experience. You can also find safety tips for your children while they cool off in the pool.

Swimming Pool Games & Activities

These are some activities and games that parents recommend for their above-ground or in-ground pools.

Check their recall

Jennifer Tietjen Prozzo, a mother of two from Fairfield, Connecticut, says that category is one of her favorites. One person is seated on the side of a pool, while others line up to jump from the edge or diving board. The person at the side announces a category (favorite foods). Sea animals! Just like the first child on the board jumps. 

Grease the melon

Brooke Bomar, a mother of three from Durham, North Carolina, says water polo meets giant, slippery watermelon. My 11-year old son plays this with his swim club, and it’s both so much fun and so difficult. Simply rub sunscreen or Vaseline on a watermelon. Then, break into two teams to try your best to get it into your goal (on the other side of the pool). Are you not a fan of playing with food? Amazon has a fake watermelon ball.

Give props to the racers

Give each child an inner tube. Tell them to swim the length of the pool with their feet or paddles. Jenny McCuiston is a mother of four from Troy, Michigan. She was formerly a competitive swimmer and qualified twice for the Olympic Trials. Another favorite: Each person must push a beachball from one end of the pool to the other using only their hands. McCuiston says that this one requires a lot of energy, but is a great way for practicing kicks.


You can have the children jump in the pool individually or together, while you take a video with the slow-motion setting on your phone. This makes it infinitely cooler.

Hang ten

Have your kids balance on the boogie boards. See how long they can hold it. Make sure they are not near the edges. You can also have fun with your little ones-just hold on to their hands.

Change of scenery is a good idea

Marvel figures, L.O.L. Surprise! Surprise! It’s a joy to bring your kids’ toys to a place they might not normally visit.

You can’t help but be competitive

Water races are the most difficult, but also the most fun way to show off your skills. Each child should be placed in a corner. Then, place a few pool noodles or rings into the middle. Next, you can “Ready, Set, Go” to see who captures the most.

Kiddie Pool Games & Activities

To make your kids happy this summer, you don’t have to build a huge swimming pool. With a few basic supplies, these four activities can raise the level of your kiddie pool.

A tiny water park is possible

Got older toddlers? You will need a plastic slide, a sprinkler and your own splash mountain. Place the bottom of your slide in the pool and spray the water over it.

You can work in science by gathering random waterproof items. Then, you can play “Sink or float?” Amanda Cullinan is a mother of three from Summerfield, North Carolina. She suggests that you grab anything, including a quarter, a cap, a LEGO brick or a LEGO ball. Then create a chart using Sink and Float columns. Ask children to predict what will happen when the items are dropped into the pool. Then compare the results.

Relax outdoors and soak in the sun

Enjoy a refreshing bubble bath in the outdoor kiddie pool. Bath bombs Foaming soap All the toys! Meghan Cevey, a mother of three from San Diego, says, “I do it with my children when things feel like Groundhog Day around there, and they love doing it.”

Race boats

My husband and I keep our wine corks. Jo Piazza, a mother of two from Philadelphia, hosts the podcast Under The Influence. This podcast is about mom influencers who are on Instagram and not alcohol. You can make a sail by gluing a few corks together. Next, use a toothpick to cut through a triangle made of paper. Finally, stick the cork into a cork. “We consume a lot of wine so we can build a large fleet.” Piazza says.

Safety First! Safety First!

Water play is fun, there’s no doubt. There are also risks. You can keep your cool and keep the good times rolling.

Take action

Last year, many learn-to swim facilities were temporarily closed. According to Jenny McCuiston (cofounder of Goldfish Swim School), swimming lessons should be taught to children as young as one. However, you can still teach babies as young as four months old to improve their confidence in the water. To avoid children getting into the pool, keep toys away from the water and empty baby tables and pools at the end.

Designate a water protector

To ensure everyone is aware that someone is always watching over the children, have a physical item (e.g. a lanyard with a tag).

Talk about rules of play

Melissa Gonzalez, a mother of three from Ormond Beach, Florida and a former lifeguard relays her rules to friends. She says no running on the patio or near the pool, no swimming in the water, no splashing in other people’s faces, no fighting with chickens, no leaving the yard and no wet towels inside the house. Do I need to repeat myself? She says “Yes.” These rules should be embedded in your mind, so you need to keep repeating them. “

Their skin is the most important thing

You should buy two sets of UPF every other season to avoid UPF fading. You still need sunscreen. UV rays can reach approximately 2 feet under the skin, so even submerged, it can cause skin to burn. After getting wet, apply sunscreen every 2 hours.

Protect their eyes

An eye doctor in Fairbanks (Alaska), chemicals from the pool can cause severe reactions. If your child goes underwater, make sure they have goggles. Dr. Hartl warns that too much sun exposure can cause irritation to the eyes like a sunburn. Use over-the-counter eye drops to soothe dry, itchy eyes. Keep in the refrigerator for additional relief

Keep cool

Heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke and dehydration. According to the AAP, children should be able to drink water before asking for it. Even if they are in the water, plan for some downtime.